nfl matchup: cowboys vs. dolphins. turkey cuban with cranberry lime marmalade

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NFL matchup: Cowboys vs. Dolphins

 During the NFL regular season the weekly MATCHUP  feature allows me to exhibit my “die hard” Dallas Cowboys spirit–and win or lose great sportsmanship–by showcasing something tasty from our weekly opponents homefield.  Fashion, Football, and Food.  Now that’s my kinda matchup!


Dallas Cowboys Victoria’s Secret Lace up Crew
Abercrombie & Fitch Super Skinny Destroyed Jeans
Butter London Royal Navy Nail Lacquer
Havianas Fit Grey Flip Flops
Dallas Cowboys Wine Glass Set

FOOTBALL MATCHUP: Dallas Cowboys vs. Miami Dolphins

FOOD MATCHUP:  Turkey Cuban with Cranberry-Lime Marmalade

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Today’s food matchup was a no brainer since I have absolutely no problem eating an authentic cuban sandwich any day of the week.  Round two of my turkey day gluttony consisted of just that. A cuban sandwich but with a gooble gobble twist:  turkey and a delish cranberry-lime marmalade that has become one of my Thanksgiving fall staples.

Shortly I will be surrounded by a bunch of “jive turkeys” aka Dolfans who think their rejuvenated Phins will beat my boys.  They are clearly full of STUFF-ing.

Enjoy the rest of this blessed day!



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  1. Great looking sandwich and am hungry now.

    Hope you had a great Turkey Day and btw your prize should arrive tomorrow UPS. 🙂

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