retell therapea

This blog was designed to share recipes from my collection of cookbooks and magazines.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would end up devoting so much of my incredibly limited free time (away from sports & marketing stuff) reading and cooking recipes from other blogs.  Thanks a lot you great bloggers!  So much for my gameplan.  Seriously though, whenever I need a therapeutic break from reality, I look forward to curling up and reading some of my favorite food blogs just as much I look forward to reading British Vogue or food magazines.

I knew I wanted to devote a section of Haute Cookture to those blogs who’ve engaged and inspired me to make groovy moves in the kitchen. I just needed to come up with an appropriate name.  One that would POP!  So finally after a few weeks of creative marinating––in the spirit of food meets fashion––I formally introduce to you Retell Therapea. I’m sure you’ve probably heard that worn out cliché “ I can show you better than I can tell you “ a gazillion times. Well this is that special little food blogtique of sorts where I will do both, show you and tell you about delish recipes from fabulous food blogteliers, as I like to call them, who keep me looking and cooking.

What better “turnkey” way to give a fellow blogger a compliment than to make one of their recipes (with proper attribution of course) and feature it in a post? (I’ve got some other pretty cool ideas up my sleeve too☺) There is absolutely nothing I enjoy more, than saying thank you or giving a well deserved, old fashioned and heartfelt compliment.  Trends come and go each season but giving compliments is quite sexy and will never go out of style!