I pity the blackberry fool!

Posted on 1:10 pm 

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5 responses to “I pity the blackberry fool!”

  1. Girll.. I love your photos and the way to style everything. Those blackberry pancakes looks absolutely scrumdelyicious. I wish you lived closer, as I’d be inviting myself over for breakfast pronto!! Hope you are having a great summer!!

    • hautecookture says:

      Thank you and thank u chica:). My iphone camera has become my BFF! Im coming to the west coast soon so perhaps we can coordinate one of your fab Vintage Sugarcube style shoots/ breakfast lol:)

  2. That would be most awesome! When/where you heading? I’m in San Diego!! 🙂

  3. I love blackberries as well! Just pick some up at a road stand and now I have a few new recipes to try out. Many thx!

  4. Serve that blackberry milk with the blackberry pancakes, and we’re in business. Business!

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