photo shop: Yardbird

Posted on 10:59 pm 

 If you enjoy window shopping then your are sure to love food photo shopping with me.  Photo Shop postings are quick flashes of delectable unadulterated goodness I’ve recently purchased for my palate.

WHAT: BLUE PLATE SPECIAL- llewellyn’s fine fried chicken, citrus pepper watermelon, buttermilk biscuit

WHERE TO BUY: Yardbird, 1600 Lenox Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139 (305) 538 5200


WHY YOU SHOULD BUY:  The biscuits are definitely a Supermodel but this southern girl has to admit the fried chicken might just be the best I’ve eva eva enjoyed in a restaurant.

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2 responses to “photo shop: Yardbird”

  1. Why am I not in Miami so that I too can enjoy this? Looks tasty to me!

  2. hautecookture says:

    The chicken is insanely good! I could always have the chef create a nice overnight package:)

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