I’m hungry! My iphone camera test-imony.

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For the past couple of months I have been devouring inspiration for my new baby,the Haute Cookture food blog.  The thrill and excitement of clicking on a search result with the momentary uncertainty of not knowing whether my creative juices would be stimulated to flow like a sweet little tangerine has been quite exhilarating.

the ultimate click…

Thanks to clicking through the Times Online “50 of the World’s best Food Blogs” list, I begin what has developed into an addictive, starving myself of sleep, food blog reading marathon.  I was a collegiate sprinter not too long ago (in my mind anyway) and although my mornings at present typically start with a picturesque two mile jog on South Beach, long distance running and marathons are not my thing.  However, I know firsthand be it on the track conditioning for an upcoming season or in life striving to serve others, the friends engendered as well as experiences and lessons gained along the way are the Golden reward.

app-letail recipe: iphone4 straight


app-letail recipe: iphone4 straight. on the rocks:)


the South Beach original…

app-letail recipe: iphone4 straight

the remix…

app-letail recipe: iphone4 straight, Perfectly Clear, remixed with Color Blast

The juicy tidbits of valuable insight received pertaining to food blogging and photography as a result of being totally captivated by the food blogs of Matt Bites (Oh How I Heart You Matt), White On Rice Couple, Orangette, LaTartine Gourmande, Tartelette, Cannelle et Vanille, Kiss My Spatula, David LebovitzCupcakes and Cashmere, and a host of many others has been quite simply ENGAGING!  I can’t get enough of them!  I sincerely feel like I know each one of the bloggers personally and literally crave their every “next” post.

My desire to start a food meets fashion and lifestyle blog is deeply rooted in my love of the Almighty Top Chef above, passion for cooking and eating gourmet meals, as well as my immense desire to motivate others to embark upon living a quality healthy lifestyle.  One of my many little mantras I live by is “presentation is everything” and in food blogging that basically boils down (pun not intended) to quality of content and mouth watering, “make you wanna” bite or lick the page” photography.  These are the two reasons I can’t get enough of my brother from another mother Matt.  The photograpy, the recipes, the food styling by Adam, and OMG, the Comedy!  The Mattbitesblog  is “bananas”… a term I use sparingly to describe all things FRESH.

speaking of bananas…

app-letail recipe: iphone4 straight, Picture Show

I am not  an award winning journalist but  can I construct a comprehensive sentence or two?  Yes.  Do I sometimes break proper grammar rules.  Yep. Especially when I use “textlish” (but I  will try to restrict that language to my tweets and facebook..okkk?)  Do I have a creative eye?  I believe I do… and I thank God for it often.   Can I take GREAT pictures?  Uhmm yeah “if” I had a “real” camera and not a disposable one from Tarjay.  These questions and answers triggered my search to find a local photography class I could begin immediately.  I found one but realized, duuuhh I still need a camera.  So I ventured into World Wide Foto here  in Miami and made a new friend, Derek.  The first question Derek asked me was “How much do you want to spend?” (I chuckled under my breath at this question.  I will share why in a future post)  Considering the plethora of options and possibilities Derek presented, I was leaning towards the Nikon brand (advertising works…those Ashton Kutcher commercials have obviously played on my subconcious) but decided I would also consult with the photography instructor.  I settle for nothing less than “best” in all I endeavor and  certainly wouldn’t dare skimp on the camera that will help create “The Amazing” for the Haute Cookture food blog.  As I was leaving the store I laughed out loud (see..I spelled it out instead but I was tempted) to myself as I wondered if  management would allow me to stand by the check out area with a sign stating “Will Cook Meals For DSLR Camera” cause lord knows I sure didn’t have the estimated $1200 that it would cost for a “starter” professional digital camera.  Not yet anyway.

Upon returning home that evening I called my Aunt Cathy and cousin Kim who are our self appointed family photographers.  These two ladies dont’ leave home without their camera(s), tripods, or various flashes and they will make you say  “cheeez” until you are weak in the knees coupled with broken promises of “just one more.”  I called them both to chat about cameras and to see if either had an extra one I could borrow.  No such luck.  Darn it.

What do you think I did for the rest of that night after knocking out some consulting work?  You guessed it.  More food blog reading and google searching.  I stumbled upon a few articles about polaroid photojournalism and the very cool Impossible Project.  You can imagine my excitement as I glanced up at my silver One 600 Polaroid camera sitting atop one of my jewelry cases.  Yes! I eeked out loud.  I had just found the inexpensive (well not really cause Polaroid film ain’t cheap) temporary solution to artistically capture my models.  I was super pumped…UNTIL something in my brain clicked and it sounded very much like that click you hear when you release the shutter on a iphone4. (for real)   At this point I’d only  been an iphone4  owner for less than a month and was totally clueless about apps that could compliment my eye and the fantastic iphone4 camera. I eagerly typed iphone photojournalism into the google search box on my laptop and was led on one of the most fulfilling World Wide Web Mac App adventures of my life!   Seriously.

The number of photography and artistic apps available for the iphone is mind boggling.   I still get dizzy looking at the  journal where I jotted down my finds.

App-letail recipe: iphone4, Picture Show

After a few making a few purchases in the app store that night, I was like a little kid at Christmas, anxious to test them out but  of course it was dark outside, 12:32 a.m. to be exact.  Sooo.. I would have to wait until morning to take pictures with natural light?  NOT!  You know that saying “where there’s a will, there’s a way”…Well  my curiosity, excitement and impatience led me all the way to the refrigerator.   As I opened the door, almost simultaneously a light bulb in my head and the refrigerator light came on.  Ding, Ding, Ding.  The lighted top shelf of the refrigerator would be the perfect backdrop for my first Haute Cookture Blog test shot.  The models: a tangerine, eggs, and an Italian Patron Margarita served up. (yum!)

app-letail recipe: iphone4, Picture Show

After many enjoyable hours of over indulging in food blogs from all over the world I realize my appetite for  the Haute Cookture blog success has three main ingredients.  The first being, my infinite thirst for knowledge.  Second, similar to cooking, I am making the best of what I already have on hand.  (My iphone4 camera is a fabulous substitute for now.  However I can’t wait to get the real deal and take those elusive photography classes once my youth track season is over)  Last but certainly not least, I’ve stepped out on faith and will be passionately blogging about the things I truly love:  food, fashion and lifestyle.   When you do what you love, success taste oh so sweet.

A delish blog has been simmering.   It’s finally done.   I’m hungry!   Are you?

app-letail recipe: iphone4, add tangerine juice:)


SIZE: Serves 2


2 Ripe bananas, sliced

1 Tangerine, segmented and cut removing all of the pith

1/2 Cup tangerine juice

Tangerine slices for garnish

2 Stylish glasses


Put bananas, tangerine, and tangerine juice in a food processor or blender.

Blend until creamy.

Pour into stylish glasses and garnish with a tangerine slice.


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4 responses to “I’m hungry! My iphone camera test-imony.”

  1. Natalie says:

    Love it! Great intro

  2. Leah says:

    What an awesome story! It’s amazing how you are using all of your God given talents to share your passions with the world (blogosphere). I am eagerly awaiting the next appetizing post! SN: That smoothie makes me want to lick the screen. LOL

  3. Bren Herrera says:

    did you really take all of these pictures on your iphone!!? cuz some of them look really good!! I need that app that hooks them up for blogging on the go!

    • hautecookture says:

      Thanks so much Bren. Yes, I actually take all the pics on my iphone4. I can’t wait to get a DSLR, but I’m actually enjoying the challenge of really working the iphone camera +natural sunlight to get ” that shot” I will inbox you a list of my fav camera apps.

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