NFL MATCHUP: Cowboys vs. Patriots. New England Clam Chowder

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Matchup: Dallas Cowboys vs New England Patriots

During the NFL regular season the weekly MATCHUP  feature allows me to exhibit my “die hard” Dallas Cowboys spirit–and win or lose great sportsmanship–by showcasing something tasty from our weekly opponents homefield.  Fashion, Football, and Food.  Now that’s my kinda matchup!


Dallas Cowboys Touch Crystal Star Earrings

Mossimo Rouched Sweater Dress

Jeffrey Campbell Sloane White Leather Fringe Boots

Isabel Marant Metallic Fine Knit Dress

quarterbacks photo: courtesy of the, clam chowder photo : courtesy of Bon Appetit, Isabel Marant runway photos: courtesy of

FOOTBALL MATCHUP: Dallas Cowboys vs. New England Patriots

FOOD MATCHUP: New England Clam Chowder |Bon Appetit November 2000

It’s Cowboys Day y’all and once again I’m late getting this post up. If only you could’ve seen me in my kitchen hustling like I’d been given a two minute warning. This food matchup is one I’ve definitely been looking forward to. I knew weeks ago exactly what I’d share with you. You see, New England Clam Chowder is one of my top three fav soups. Considering how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE clam chowder, I’m quite surprised this is actually my first time making one from scratch. Well 99.8% from scratch. I used canned clams due to limited time before kickoff. Here is a super fab Gourmet Magazine recipe for crab & corn chowder with bacon and chanterelle mushrooms I make at least twice a year but Oh Em Gee this Bon Appetit Clam chowda recipe is a winner!

Now if The Boys clam up and lose this game, I know something!  Here’s to winning….

DESIGNER’S NOTES:  The only alterations I made to the recipe were replacing the half and half with heavy cream, adding more bacon, adding one chopped leek and garnishing with parsley.  Oh!  I served in small bread bowls.  Presentation is everything right?

DRINK PAIRING:  A cold Pumking Ale or Pumpmkinhead Ale.  I’ve been on a Pumpkin Beer tasting tour thanks to inspirational Thirsty Thursday recommendations from the Sports Glutton team.

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4 responses to “NFL MATCHUP: Cowboys vs. Patriots. New England Clam Chowder”

  1. This looks phenomenal and you’ve gotta appreciate the extra touch of love with bacon on top.

    Also thanks for the shout out on the beers. Hope you have found one or two that are palatable. 😉

  2. PS- Sorry about your Boys. Good news is though that the NFC East is yours for the taking!

  3. Thanks Jed. I try so hard to eat less bacon but i just can’t lol:) Yes I’ve found a nice one. I’ve been playing around with a little Halloween treat that I will share soon:)

    Now about The Boys (sigh) This loss didn’t hurt as bad…We “almost” won AGAIN lol:)

    • Never and I mean never stop eating bacon. I tried once and when into a coma for two days. 🙂

      I know what you mean about almost winning again. We’ve gotta like your schedule from here on out though!

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