wait gain. pancetta crisps with pear and blue cheese

Posted on 1:31 am 

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4 responses to “wait gain. pancetta crisps with pear and blue cheese”

  1. I’ve often thought of you over the past month LaTonya. I was hoping that everything was ok, but am saddened to hear it was not. I can’t even begin to image what you have/are going through. However, you are right that patience and time so important. I’m sending positive thoughts and energy your way.

    Keep blogging, entertaining, and let me know if I can do anything for you.

    All the best,

    • hautecookture says:

      Awww thank you for your comforting words Jed. I feel the positive energy you’ve sent my way:)


  2. LaTonya,
    I’ve thought of you soo much over the last couple months, and swear I was planning on emailing you to see if all was OK. I am sooo very sorry about your dad. I believe you have another gardian angel. Love this post. You are inspiring girl. xoxo

    • hautecookture says:

      Heeey Jenny… The fly girl from the West siiiiide:)
      Thank you so much for thinking of me:) I agree…I definitely have another guardian angel watching over me. I finally got my groove back. Thank you for inspiring me as well. Big hug to you from the East siiiiiide:)

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