Retell Therapea. Sports Glutton: Raiders chicken sandwich w/slaw

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This blog was designed to share recipes from my collection of cookbooks and magazines.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would end up devoting so much of my incredibly limited free time (away from sports & marketing stuff) reading and cooking recipes from other blogs.  Thanks a lot you great bloggers!  So much for my gameplan.  Seriously though, whenever I need a therapeutic break from reality, I look forward to curling up and reading some of my favorite food blogs just as much I look forward to reading British Vogue or food magazines.

I knew I wanted to devote a section of Haute Cookture to those blogs who’ve engaged and inspired me to make groovy moves in the kitchen. I just needed to come up with an appropriate name.  One that would POP!  So finally after a few weeks of creative marinating––in the spirit of food meets fashion––I formally introduce to you Retell Therapea.  I’m sure you’ve probably heard that worn out cliché “ I can show you better than I can tell you “ a gazillion times. Well this is that special little food blogtique of sorts where I will do just that, show you and tell you about delish recipes from fabulous food blogteliers, as I like to call them, who keep me looking and cooking.

What better “turnkey” way to give a fellow blogger a compliment than to make one of their recipes and feature it in a post? (I’ve got some other pretty cool ideas up my sleeve too☺) There is absolutely nothing I enjoy more, than saying thank you or giving a well deserved, old fashioned and heartfelt compliment.  Trends come and go each season but giving compliments is quite sexy and will never go out of style!

If you read my behind the seams (about me) recipe, then you of course know yours truly is a DIEHARD Dallas Cowboy and FSU Fanatic. It’s officially football season so you do know I’ve got some sports themed post and features coming at cha.  Right?  OK.  Just checking

On that note, with the official start of the NFL regular season upon us, I kickoff the Retell Therapea feature with none other than my new favorite sports food blog, Sports-Glutton dot com. (cheers & applause please) The SG team has said it best, “ is a blog conceived around providing informed and opinionated views of the sporting world, along with some food, libations, and humor to help you get through your day.” This blog is a sports foodie’s field of dreams come true!

LATEST CRAVE:  Oakland Raiders Fried Chicken Sandwich w/Jalapeno Coleslaw

From the moment I laid eyes on this Oakland Raiders Fried Chicken Sandwich w/Jalapeno Coleslaw on the Sports Glutton blog, I knew I had to have it! In fact, I made it three times in one weekend if you include the time I burned the chicken breast because I was too busy blasting Lil Wayne’s “How To Love” instead of paying attention to the oil temperature☺

HOW I STYLED IT:  The recipe is AWESOME as is (I should know huh?..since I made it three times ☺
Here are a couple of accessories I added to sandwich two and three:

1 tbsp of garlic to rub

1 tbsp of onion powder to rub

Slice of Monterey Jack cheese with jalapeno peppers to fried chicken breast


We all need a little Retell Therapea every now and then.

Go ahead. Stop buy!

Something is sure to fit your taste.

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3 responses to “Retell Therapea. Sports Glutton: Raiders chicken sandwich w/slaw”

  1. Wow! I’m honored that you have made this recipe of mine your first post of retell therapea and completely humbled by the love.

    As always…you rock girl!!

    btw-please don’t hate me with my NFC East predictions later today. 🙂

  2. OMG!! That sammie has me swooning. It literally has all my favorite ingredients. YUMMM!!!

  3. Jenny if you love all those ingredients this is a must try! I promise you won’t be disappointed. Trust!

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