nfl matchup: dallas vs philadelphia. philly cheesesteak

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Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles

During the NFL regular season the weekly MATCHUP  feature allows me to exhibit my “die hard” Dallas Cowboys spirit–and win or lose great sportsmanship–by showcasing something tasty from our weekly opponents homefield.  Fashion, Football, and Food.  Now that’s my kinda matchup!


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FOOTBALL MATCHUP:  Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles

FOOD MATCHUP:  Philadelphia Cheesesteak Sandwich | Fox News

I will never forget my very first bite into an authentic Philly Cheesesteak. It was heavenly. There is really nothing quite like it if you are a meat and cheese lover. Through the years I’ve sampled my fair share of various takes (with and without cheez whiz) on the sandwich. Most were decent but rarely were the expectations of my taste buds exceeded. That all changed about a year ago when I discovered Big Al’s Steaks right down here in South Florida. I think if given the opportunity the cheesesteak of the father and son duo from Philly would be given tons of brotherly love  by fans of Geno’s and Pat’s.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. It’s game time. Gotta show my Boys some Sisterly Love.


DESIGNER’S NOTES:  I usually add both peppers and mushrooms to my sandwich but today I simply wanted a plain jane without either.  There’s much debate about which cheese should adorn the sandwich-provolone or cheez whiz.  I say try them both.

Since I am traveling and didn’t have enough time to freeze the required Rib-eye long enough to slice super thin, it was suggested I substitute Steak Eze.  My first reaction was “meh no way I want fresh Rib-eye”  But since the clock was ticking and as usual I’m trying to get this post up before kickoff, I figured I’d give it a try.  Surprisingly, the Sirloin in Steak Eze is good considering it’s frozen.  Rest assured I will give this recipe a second whirl tommorrow with fresh thinly sliced Rib-eye.:)

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  1. Sorry about your boys…I though that Rob’s defense would at least slow down the Eagles. One bright note is that the Murray kids is looking like the real deal.

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    I enjoyed navigating through your blog! Nice work!!

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