nfl matchup: cowboys vs seahawks. salmon blt & garlic fries

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NFL Matchup Dallas Cowboys vs. Seattle Seahawks

 During the NFL regular season the weekly MATCHUP  feature allows me to exhibit my “die hard” Dallas Cowboys spirit–and win or lose great sportsmanship–by showcasing something tasty from our weekly opponents homefield.  Fashion, Football, and Food.  Now that’s my kinda matchup!


Dallas Cowboys Women’s Grey Tee
Rag & Bone Royal Blue Grosvenor Jacket
Dolce & Gabanna Star Print Silk Pants
Bertie Kai Ankle Boots
Olga Metallic Snake Print Clutch
Dallas Cowboys Crystal Bangles
image: courtesy of Levy Restaurants

FOOTBALL MATCHUP: Dallas Cowboys vs. Seattle Seahawks

This post is much later than usual but I’m especially happy about this particular football matchup right now. Why?  After a humiliating loss last week, we actually WON today!

FOOD MATCHUP: Salmon Blt|Self|October 2008 via, Garlic Fries| Cooking Light

Deciding what today’s Cowboys gameday food matchup would be was pretty much a no brainer–coffee or salmon something.  If you’re a football fan you will understand why I don’t need a hot beverage of any kind in my hands–that could potentially burn someone or myself– while watching DEM Cowboys.  I opted for a Salmon BLT and an apparent Seattle “not so healthy” but durn good stadium delicacy–garlic fries. I can only imagine how good the world famous Grounders Garlic fries must be since mine were quickly devoured by my NFL homegating friends.  This matchup was definitely Seattle goodness without the infamous RAIN.


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2 responses to “nfl matchup: cowboys vs seahawks. salmon blt & garlic fries”

  1. I wish I had some of those fries right now…they look so tasty. Should I congratulate you on the victory or say I’m just happy your Boys got a win? 🙂

  2. They look super garlicky, which is the only way to go with garlic fries! They’re the perfect way to push opponents away too. ha

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