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wait gain. pancetta crisps with pear and blue cheese

Posted on 1:31 am 

Hello there. It’s about time huh?  I’ve missed you! I’ve attempted to write this post many times over the course of the past few months.  Every single time I started typing the first sentence, my emotions would take over and I just couldn’t continue and was left staring at a...

nfl matchup: cowboys vs. giants. poached pears with vanilla yogurt

Posted on 9:41 pm 

During the NFL regular season the weekly MATCHUP  feature allows me to exhibit my “die hard” Dallas Cowboys spirit–and win or lose great sportsmanship–by showcasing something tasty from our weekly opponents homefield.  Fashion, Football, and Food.  Now that’s my kinda matchup! FASHION MATCHUP: Reebok Dallas Cowboys Ladies White Hoodie Sweatshirt...

samples: the roots. chocolate covered strawberry smoothie

Posted on 11:09 pm 

Samples is yours truly DJ Smoothie T–spinning on my blender blades of steel every “new music release” Tuesday–giving you single servings of ice cold beets mixed with (other) so so fresh delicious fruits and veggies.  Pre and post stength or cardio workout–All I do is blend!  Listen.  Enjoy.  Sample. MUSIC SAMPLE Song,...